Financial Planning and Budgeting

Centralised financial planning to enable rolling forecasts

  • Raising a new project request
  • Creating project financials - line items
  • Export & transfer financial data (to SAP & PM tool)
  • Distributing Project Approval Scorecards
  • Approving and reviewing approval process
  • "Merge" Project Financials to "Rolling Forecast" Scenario
  • Actual project financials (PO line items from SAP) against line items
  • Dashboards and Reporting for Analysis
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Centralised Bottom-Up Planning

  • System navigation basics
  • Budget Builder
    • Organisational Structure
    • Project Budgets
    • Adding Line Itam Details
    • Merging planning and budget scenarios
  • Data Modelling
    • Structural changes
    • Categorisations
    • Data Import
  • Reporting
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