Integrated Service Costing

Xeraphic Integrated Service Costing & Billing

Companies increasingly not only have to justify the cost of providing a service to the business, but also have to provide a further layer of justification on why this is delivered in-house. Service Cost data is fragmented, siloed and found across various systems and spread sheets. Typically data is historic, incomplete and manually costed and making decisions without the right information is risky. Providing services in-house when a comparable service outsourced is cheaper can lead to increased costs and reduction in quality.

Xeraphic Service Costing equips you with a platform which will allow you to easily model the total cost of ownership of your full service offering. Tracking actual cost, consumption and utilisation real-time vs budget or plan.



With Xeraphic Service Costing, you will receive comprehensive cost visibility and provide transparency to consumers allowing you to prove the value of the service to the business. Removing miss informed decisions on your service offering will result in an increase in efficiency, as low value and high cost services will not be continually offered.

Xeraphic gives you the ability to provide detailed chargeback information on service consumption, cost and price to customers, and will transfer budgeting responsibility from finance departments to the responsible business units.

Xeraphic Integrated Service Costing next generation solution, provides a flexible base to integrate all your data sets into one platform.


Dynamically relate all of your data.

  • Facilitates cost modelling at whichever point of the service costing journey you may be on and for the right level of maturity.
  • Integrate your service catalogue via API’s into Xeraphic. Or just build it in the tool.
  • Build up the cost of services from the bottom up allowing you to relate and through utilising allocation keys, apportion underlying cost elements. Or alternatively simply follow a top down approach.
  • Thru consumption metrics chargeback consumers of the services, providing a service- centric view off all services they are consuming and at what cost REPORTING & ANALYTICS
  • A multitude of dashboards, portlets and reports, provides all stakeholders with the necessary viewpoint


  • Comprehensive cost visibility

  • Make informed decisions

  • Move budget responsibility

  • Provide transparency to customers

  • Reduce low value high cost services

  • Scenario based planning


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