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Enterprise Software - Quo vadis?

Posted by Christian Gilcher on 16-Feb-2016 10:25:16


Software is eating the World. We’ve all heard about that, and whilst it is inevitably true, the ‘menu card’ is changing tremendously those days, especially in Enterprise Software land. A long time ago, Software’s traditional ‘eating habit’ and ‘diet plan’ was large chunks of “world”, which was the era of large and monolithic ERP tools (à la SAP) and large tool suites (à la ARIS). What this type of software could NOT eat, was simply left behind (or spit out again), typically covered through Spreadsheet based processes (which clearly uses Software as well, but that’s a different point, as Excel was recently named the ‘most dangerous Software in Enterprise’; so I explicitly do NOT want to include this in my considerations here). So in essence, the hungy software's ‘menu card’ in this era included core Finance / General Ledger, HR Payroll, Manufacturing (?) and so on.

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